Plug-and-Play Solar Water Pump Kit for Boreholes

This retail kit is pre-connected and tested. This is everything you need to start

pumping water out of your borehole and keep your water tank full. Easy mobile

sizing with our pump sizing app to ensure you get the right pump for the job.

What’s in the box?

– Pump & Motor

– Controller

– Solar Panels

– 4mm Submersible 3-Core Cable

– Rope

– 2 x 5m Solar Cable

– MC4 Connectors

– Baseplate

– Pipe Fittings (32mm pipe)

– Run-Dry Protection

– Instructions

BOX 1 SALSOLAR 50 with 2 x 90w solar panels
Pumps up to 35m (Total Dynamic Head)

BOX 2 SALSOLAR 80 with 1 x 300w solar panels
Pumps up to 60m (Total Dynamic Head)

BOX 3 SALSOLAR 100 with 2 x 300w solar panels
Pumps up to 75m (Total Dynamic Head)